College is said to be the "best time of your life". Some would agree, others may not. Either way, we all agree that there were bad decisions, regret, and way too much beer. It is our job now, as adults, to get our high-school seniors ready for the task of choosing their school and weighing out the options for a better future. This list was created to help guide the decision making.

Wallethub has created a list of the best college towns in 2020 across the nation. The list is comprised of 400 cities/towns varying in size and 31 key indicators of academic, social and economic opportunities for students. Factors such as, cost of living, crime rate, and quality education we're also taken into account. So where do our prominent Iowa towns fall?

The highest ranked city was Des Moines which ranked 157th, followed by Ames at 160, Iowa City at 208th and our own Cedar Falls at 273rd. A bit low to be desired. Check out the full comprehensive list here.

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