I'm not a huge Christmas movie guy,  I think Hallmark has kind of ruined them for me. Almost all Christmas movies follow the same sort of guideline; Someone doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas, they meet someone who helps guide them through their "spiritual finding" and then of course, they find the true meaning of the holidays. However, I'm no Scrooge. I have a top five list of my favorite Christmas movies, does yours fall on my list?

5). Die Hard- Not necessarily a "Christmas Movie" but it takes place during this time so technically it falls into this category. Explosions, true grit, and Bruce Willis in his prime? It makes the list.

4). Frosty The Snowman- Throwback to the first Christmas movie I ever saw. Frosty really paved the road to my love for the holidays. A talking snowman who loves kids? It's enough to make any 4-5 year old enticed.

3). Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer- Another oldy, but goody. Rudolph taught kids everywhere that your differences help you stand out, and can become your biggest asset. The message in this movie gives it a top 3 ranking.

2). Krampus- Ok, here me out. This is kind of anti-Christmas but it's so bad it's good. Adam Scott stars in this satirical horror flick in which a "rotten" family gets annihilated by the Krampus. Don't get caught on this naughty list. Krampus at 2.

1). Disney's A Christmas Carol- My favorite Christmas movie of all time. A masterpiece, with Jim Carrey at the helm as Scrooge. This is a very colorful, and bright take on a classic tale. This will always be my favorite.


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