Iowa's Weather Rollercoaster: Spring to Snow in 24 Hours

What's that thing that people say about the Hawkeye State?

"If you don't like the weather in Iowa, just wait five minutes!"

It seems that you can experience all four seasons in one single week here in Iowa.

Earlier this week, we were seeing highs in the 70s in many parts of the state, but it's all going to be thrown out of wack come Tuesday, February 27th.

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Early Spring? Sike!

While the groundhog predicted an early spring this year, it looks like there might be one last blast of winter.

According to our weather partners at KCRG, Eastern Iowans should expect a rollercoaster of weather conditions this week.

There is set to be a change in air mess in parts of our listenership that could cause some startling weather events. On Tuesday, February 27th the weather will mostly be like a perfect spring day.

Partly cloudy skies and light winds will be coming through with highs in the mid 60s up north; while its expected to be in the low to mid 70s in central and southern Iowa.

Sounds Nice...Where's the Winter Weather?

The National Weather Service is predicting that starting at 6:00 PM there will be wind gusts of up to 45 MPH in areas west of the Mississippi Valley. It is set to run its course by 6:00 AM on Wednesday.

Our weather partners are predicting some sort of shower or storm is possible later on in the afternoon. This will be met with a cold front that will quickly spread through the area.

Then it's only going to get worse from there...

Experts expect temperatures to drop and snow showers to follow right behind them later this evening. It seems like it will last overnight. Luckily, there will only probably be a slight accumulation.

Chilly Wednesday

It's gonna be a cold one on Wednesday. KCRG is predicting that if we're lucky, we MIGHT reach temperatures somewhere in the 30s.

Luckily, this chilly weather won't last for long. By Thursday things will start to heat up, according to officials.

However, that won't even last for long. Another storm is expected to start things off for us next week.

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