Yes, I said it. The 'S' word. Sure it's too early to be tossing it around, but have you glanced at the 10-day forecast for Eastern Iowa? Say it with looks like Spring!

I've lived my nearly 50 years here in the state of Iowa so I'm well aware it is way too soon to be dreaming of an early Spring. But wouldn't that put a cap on a strange winter season? In December we had NO snow. My kids were once again bummed at a 'brown' Christmas. Then in January, we couldn't get the snow to stop! Many cities saw more snow last month than they normally do during an entire Iowa winter!

So that is why maybe we shouldn't be too shocked at the complete 180 Mother Nature seems to have taken. My backyard used to have snow higher than my dog could see. Now Rigby can walk freely on bare grass again! Streets that were once covered in snow and ice are clear again. Winter coats have been stored away and my college-aged son wore shorts to school! Who says Spring isn't here?

And if you think the warm weather is about to end, just look at this 10-day forecast from our friends at KCRG.

via KCRG
via KCRG

High temperatures in the 40s and 50s until nearly the middle of February! Will this wild, spring-like ride come to an end? Probably. This is Iowa after all. We have plenty of time for Old Man Winter to strike, and make our lives miserable again.

But until then, I'm going to roll my windows down, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy the sunshine. It's Spring...until it isn't!

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