McDonald's is bringing back a retro fall fast food staple.

If you've been on TikTok in the last month or so, you've invariably seen the trend of 'boo baskets'. It's like the Halloween version of Easter baskets. People make them for their S.O.'s using comfy fall stuff like candles, blankets, fuzzy socks, etc. They're also a kid thing, stuffed with candies and Halloween games.

Couples post videos of themselves making the baskets for their partners (because #validation) and parent influencers post videos of non-realistic, time-consuming ones they craft for their kids.

They're overall like this:

They're fun, they're festive, they're a great way for the wealthy half of TikTok to flex on the rest of us who aren't spending $30 on a candle.

A More Important Halloween Bucket Is Coming

Cool, Boo Basket, I'mma let you finish, but McDonald's is bringing back the best Halloween container of all time.


NBC Chicago (where McDonald's is based) says these trick-or-treat pails were first introduced at McDonald's in 1986. If you remember getting these as a kid around Halloween like me, it's probably time to sign up for Medicare.

The buckets will be available in 4 different colors: orange (Skeleton), white (Mummy), green (Monster), and purple (Vampire). They brought the boo buckets back last year but McDonald's says this is the first year that the Vampire bucket has returned "since the OG purple Boo Bucket".

I didn't really care about the color of my Boo Bucket as a kid, I was a fan of just having one. Would I order a Happy Meal as an adult to get one now? You betcha.

Boo Buckets will be returning to McDonald's on October 17th. Now, they're only available while supplies last so I would recommend taking the kids to Mickey D's close to that date if you want one.

Reminder on the bonus for parents too: it's a trick-or-treat pail so you don't have to spend $15 to get a festive one.

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