He'll probably be known for this more than anything he did ON the field. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, August 14th.

Orlando, FL- A college employee was arrested for stealing from the campus bookstore.

39-year-old Jose Roberto Alonzo admitted to stealing textbooks from the University of Central Florida's bookstore since 2009.

Stack of Library Books

He stole at least 110 books and sold them to two different off-campus bookstores. A store manager contacted the school when he realized Alonzo would be selling multiple copies of the same books.

He provided surveillance video of Alonzo in the store and a list of the 40 books he'd sold, valued at nearly $8,000. Police say Alonzo sold 70 textbooks, worth about $13,000, to another store.

Alonzo told officers he stole the books because he was in debt and couldn't afford his rent (are we sure this guy wasn't a STUDENT?). He was charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. [ClickOrlando.com]

This guy probably could have sold them back to the university, but he only would've made about $30.

Istanbul, Turkey- A woman is filing for divorce because of her husband's bizarre hobby.

Set of sexy turquoise blue lingerie

The woman is also seeking financial compensation after claiming that her nine-year marriage is no longer salvageable. The suit states that her husband began to wear makeup and dress in women's clothes, including "sexy thongs and pantyhose," about two years ago.

Her lawyer claims that she has suffered from depression as a result and is asking for 200,000 Turkish Lira--roughly $38,000 U.S. Her husband has filed a counter-suit, alleging that the woman questioned both his gender and fertility. [Albawaba]

I hate to say it, but I feel like she's going to get her money...

Iowa City- A former Hawkeye football player got caught red-handed. Or green-handed, in this case.

Wisconsin v Iowa
Lance Tillison (#50)/Photo: David Purdy, Getty Images

31-year-old Lance Tillison was busted in April for an incident at a bar. He was charged with disorderly conduct & public intoxication.

Police searched him and found 60 individually-wrapped tabs of LSD, as well as 30 green Xanax tablets. Tillison, who played linebacker for Iowa from 2006 to 2010, now faces two controlled substance violations, as well as two additional counts of failure to affix a drug stamp. [CBS 2 Iowa]

I'm not really familiar with Tillison's body of work...but he's probably going to be remembered for this more than anything he did on the field. Go Hawks!

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