I am about to make a very bold statement here.... McDonald's has the best fries of any fast food restaurant. There I said it. Which is why I am so excited their "Free Fries Fry Day" promotion is back!

What could make quarantine any better? Ronald McDonald has done it again and brought back their "Free Fries on Fry Day" and yes you guessed it, is redeemable on Fridays. This promotions is lasting from now until June 28th. According to Thrillist, on Fridays you can get a free medium fry with any purchase worth $1.

Due to social distancing, you can even order on their mobile app and spend $1 and you will get a free medium fry when you click on it in the "Deals" section and you can even have it delivered to your door. Looks like you found your cheat snack for the weekends! Hurry and jump on this deal since it ends June 28th!


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