Who doesn't love a good Slurpee? Well the 7Eleven staple is available for FREE today! As long as you get a small. In honor of this blessed holiday I've comprised a cool little list of facts on Slurpees while you slurp yours down.

1). The Slurpee was invented by accident

2). The term "brain freeze" is trademarked by 7Eleven

3). The Slurpee King was crowned in Kennewick Washington

4). There is Slurpee bubble gum

5). It revolutionized the straw with the invention of the famous "spoon straw".

Slurpees are an American tradition. At one point in our lives every single one of us has tasted the ice-cold slushy delight we've grown so very fond of. Today it's FREE! Go grab one.

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