We all have way too much time on our hands when it comes to boredom and how we cure that boredom. For instance this new texting trend that deals with your "number neighbor."

Have no clue what I am talking about? Let me explain. There is a new trend online where people are texting their "number neighbor." Basically, your "number neighbor" is the person whose phone number is one digit different than yours. So if your number ends in 5068, then your number neighbor would be your same number except the last digit would be a 9.

So, you text that random person anything you want and then you share the screenshots of responses online... honestly, the ones that have been shared are pretty hilarious. Responses really vary between great conversations and making new friends to people being cursed out.

Honestly, this trend really isn't causing any harm so if you are bored, go ahead and give it a try!


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