Put your phones down! Drivers could be seeing a big change on Iowa roadways in the near future. New legislation could result in tougher, more stringent laws against texting and driving.


Currently, texting-while-driving is classified as a "secondary offense," so you have to break another law--such as speeding or running a red light--in order to be cited. Iowa lawmakers are proposing a shift.

This week, a new bill was introduced that would make texting-while-driving a "primary offense," meaning you could be issued a ticket without any other violation being committed, KWWL reports.

When you consider the risk distracted driving poses (no judgment...I do it, too), this is probably the right move. Iowa is one of only five states that does not list texting and driving as a primary offense. In Illinois, you aren't even allowed to have your phone to your ear while driving; all mobile communication devices must be hands-free...don't ask me how I know that...

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