In a recent poll conducted by The Food Network, Google was used to determine what the favorite Sunday football snack was in each state. Our brothers to the east, Illinois, favors Buffalo Chicken Dip, while to the west, Nebraska wants any kind of chicken wing recipe. Minnesota loves chili, and Michigan likes hamburger sliders, but perhaps the most peculiar of all, is our very own home state of Iowa. The results are in. Our favorite Sunday football snack is... Artichoke Dip.

Not what I expected either. However, a great dip is a key piece of any good Sunday gathering. Green seems to be synonymous with gross, but Artichoke dip made with the proper seasonings is actually quite tasty. They go best with toast points or crackers. Tortilla chips work well too. This Thursday night begins a new NFL week so why not open up that cook book and try something new? After all, it is Iowa's "favorite snack".

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