Hershey's Kisses just announced their first new holiday flavor in 10 years, which is when they first created the popular Candy Cane Kisses in 2008.

Let's recap the current line-up:

  • Milk Chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate with almond.
  • Caramel-filled.
  • Special Dark (my personal fav.)
  • Cherry cordial.
  • Mint Truffle.
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Candy Cane

So what is it do you think? It;s gotta be HUGE right? Epic. Amazing. Titillating...

The new flavor is: Hot Cocoa. Happy? Disappointed? How are those different than regular chocolate Hershey's Kisses you ask? I guess they have marshmallow cream swirled in. They'll hit stores on November 1st because, you know, November 1st is the day when everyone feels like buying a bunch of candy. Also, tis the season for hot chocolate right? Are you excited for these, or is it a bummer of a flavor?

Check out more about the hot cocoa goodness coming your way later this week.

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