Through television magic, basically anything is possible. But this idea seems like just a bit of stretch.

For the final season of Veep, Julia Louis Dreyfus' hit series on HBO, the television wizards are working to turn L.A. into Iowa. It's all part of a plot line where Dreyfus' character runs for president. Of course, her presidential campaign needs to make a stop in Des Moines!

I love that Iowa is going to get some love on HBO but I'm also really interested to see how they make this happen. Los Angeles and Iowa are very different. There are no cornfields in L.A. and way more sunshine that Iowa typically gets. So this should be interesting.

It's a bit odd that they aren't just filming in Iowa. Surely they have the money, and what's more, filming in Iowa probably isn't that expensive. In reality, they could probably have gotten some tax breaks. But Hollywood is Hollywood I guess.

Let's see how well they do with our state!

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