Valentine's Day is only eight short days away and whether you've got a "boo thang", or you're spending it single as a pringle, wine will be necessary. So it suppose it would also be helpful to know just how much a bottle of wine costs in the Hawkeye state, so you know exactly how much is needed to get through this crap-shoot of a holiday.

According to House Method, the average 750 mL bottle of wine in Iowa costs $12.99, so roughly $14 with tax. House Method also put up a map of the United States with the average price of wine in each state, with $10.97 being on the low end and $15.51 being on the high end. That means that Iowa sits in the middle, trending towards a cheaper price. Of course, not all wine is created equal, the average price of rose and white wine are in the $12 range,while the average price of Red Wine is $16.99. Check out the full map here.

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