If the arts in school's weren't struggling before they are now during a pandemic, especially theatre. I mean how do you teach a discipline that is so reliant on in person communication, touch, examples and connections? Well, UNI has an idea about this for the upcoming school year.

According to KWWL, theater majors at UNI will still be able to get their education but in a different way. As most know, this major is very hands on when it comes to fight scenes, choreography and putting a show together and because of this UNI is pivoting their normal semester schedule to accommodate during the pandemic. Basically, they will be flipping the semester so that the hand-to-hand lessons will be at the beginning of the semester. This will allow students to learn and practice these lessons at the beginning of the year and then if the school has to close they can easily switch to a virtual plan that doesn't include the in-person lessons.

Although the other question is, "will there be performances this year?" As many know theater programs really depend on ticket sales to fund their departments and since the spring season of 2020 did not happen at UNI, they did miss out on these funds but will happen in the new school year? According to KWWL, UNI's theatre department will be creating performances to be streamed which is something they have never done before.

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