Well I did it. Yesterday, October 28th 2020, I competed my vote at the Black Hawk Courthouse in Downtown Waterloo. I was able to walk there from work and do my civic duty as an American. It was slick, fast (even though there was a LONG line) and went off without a hitch. Oh, mostly... You see, I nearly violated one major Iowa law.

Follow my advice if you're voting early, or on November 3rd. DO NOT take a ballot selfie. Don't try it. Don't do it. Abstain from the temptation cuz it's illegal in the state of Iowa. Now, if I had seen this story from The Gazette from the last presidential election in 2016, I'd have known not to.

Long story short, once I went to my voting cubicle, filled out my ballot, and sealed the envelope, I went to take a selfie of me holding it up. That's when a poll worker politely told me it was against the law to do so. Can you imagine that convo in jail? 'Why are you in? Robbery, grand theft auto, ya rob a bank?' Naw man... I took a selfie with my ballot. Oops. Not too hardcore.

As an FYI, you can take a picture with an absentee ballot in Iowa. Just not one at the polls (I guess). If you're curious what states allow photos at the ballot box, check out Iowa's News Now and their map with all the state's rules.

Whenever you do it, whether there's a pic of it or not, vote!

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