Cybercriminals keep getting more and more clever. A dangerous new Facebook scam is using your friends to potentially hack into your account.

This new scam uses Facebook Messenger to goad you into clicking virus links.

The spam messages contain a link to what appears to be a video with a "shocked" emoji (😲) , sent to you by an account posing as one of your Facebook friends. I had one of these messages sent to me a few weeks ago--luckily, I suspected it was a hack because it came from a friend that I hadn't talked to since college.

In some cases, the page appears to be a YouTube video which shows a picture taken from the user’s Facebook page. However, it then downloads the malware to your device.

Should you receive one of these messages, the first thing is to NOT click on it; this could not only infect your friends’ devices with the virus, but may even track your activity, potentially storing your banking or credit card details for the scammers to access later. Secondly, notify the friend that sent the suspicious link and tell them to change their account information. Finally, you should report these spam messages to Facebook.

Have you seen any of these scams pop up on Facebook? Comment below.

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