This guy's fate is way worse than detention. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, August 30th.

Joliet, IL- A man got into a fight with his mom because of salsa.

Mexican nachos and salsa with female hand

42-year-old Jeffrey Gromatski was arrested last Monday after his 64-year-old mother complained that he was eating in his room.

The argument turned heated and Gromatski physically forced her out of his bedroom.

Police say Gromatski also shoved his mom into a wall several times, broke a TV and damaged a couch in the living room. He's been charged with criminal property damage and domestic battery. [Patch]

If I'm 42 and still living with my mom...I'm doing whatever she asks me to do. I deserve to be treated like I'm 13.

Cooper City, FL- Police are still looking for a man who was having sex while trying to steal a trailer.


The suspect can be seen pulling into a pool company last month, removing the trailer from a fence, and hitching it to his pickup truck.

Security video also captured the suspect engaging in some "adult" activities with a partner before carrying on with the crime. [Local 10]

Who does THIS guy not get caught after a day and a half? He stops in the middle of a theft to get his rocks off and nobody can find him. Ah, Florida...

Birmingham, AL- A guy led police on a high-speed chase after stealing a school bus.

Parked School Buses

24-year-old Brandon Peckinpaugh reportedly stole the bus FROM THE DRIVER'S HOUSE early Monday morning. Peckinpaugh drove the bus through two counties, striking a patrol car and attempting to hit several other law enforcement vehicles during the pursuit.

Peckinpaugh told police that his friends had ditched him and he needed a ride. He faces three charges in one county and five felony counts in the other, and the state is also considering an attempted murder charge. []

The only saving grace is that this didn't happen DURING school hours...

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