How Iowan are you? Here's the thing, even if you were born and bred here in the Hawkeye state, you might not be Iowan enough. In my short time here I've gathered a list of what can be considered the most "Iowan" things to do here. With that said it's safe to say that if you've done 15/20 of the things on this list, you're a true Iowan.

1). Got stuck behind a tractor on your way to work.

2). Worn a winter coat one day, and shorts the next.

3). Notifying your friends when it's "bags" season.

4). Gone to Adventureland.

5). You've met a presidential candidate.

6). Explained what a walking taco is.

7). You’ve attended a family reunion, graduation reception or even a baby shower in a church basement.

8). You've babysat your high school teachers kids.

9). Eaten and LOVED a Maid-Rite.

10). Met someone who "warshes" their clothes.

11). You still own one of your high school sweaters.

12). You measure distance in time rather than miles. (i.e. "I'm 15 minutes away)

13). You hate Hawkeye Fans

14). You hate Cyclone Fans

15). You have at least one "crazy deer" story.

16). Said "People will come Ray".

17). Given a Sweet Corn recipe.

18). At least one social media caption that reads, "Is this Heaven? No it's Iowa".

19). Argued about where the best tenderloin is.

20). Attended Caucus.

I only got 7 sadly, so this Chicago boy isn't a true Iowan. What about you?

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