With Halloween right around the corner, you can see stores full of families looking for the perfect Halloween costume for 2020. That's right 2020, you can't stop our Halloween fun! Whether you are going trick-or-treating or to a costume party or party via zoom, I am sure we are all ready to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Now I cannot reveal to you what my costume will be this year just yet, but I am very excited about it! However I am a little confused and need Iowans help. So there was a study put out recently of Google Trends by AT&T that looked at the trending Halloween costume lists to figure out the most popular Halloween costumes by state. So of course there are the usual suspects of witches and vampires and pirates and superheroes which isn't too surprising but what is surprising is Iowa's choice.... Dinosaur.

Dinosaur.... really? Maybe I am missing something here but why would dinosaurs be at the top of the most popular costumes in Iowa? I guess with 2020, I expected something to do with the pandemic like toilet paper or something or even Iowa related such as corn (sorry, stereotypical I know), but dinosaurs were nowhere on my list. Like did I miss the part of 2020 where dinosaurs came back to like and went through Iowa? (Honestly asking because I can sleep through A LOT).

Iowa you keep surprising me at every turn but I really would like an explanation as to why dinosaurs are the trend this year. I mean we really don't need those coming back in 2020 do we?

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