Today I woke up, and checked my social media. For me it's a great way to wake up. I really woke up when I got on Instagram and read,

"Your account has been locked due to suspicious activity."

My heart dropped. Social media keeps us connected with friends, and family. You can share pictures, DM people, post stories, and more. My first thought was DID SOMEONE POST SOMETHING PRETENDING TO BE ME?!

Thankfully no pictures were posted, and no DMs were sent. The most common thing done when your account gets hacked is a mass DM to all your followers. It usually will involve a link that requires those people to "log in" Giving the hacker even more passwords.


The crazy part is that I fell for a trick like this only once. It was a year ago, and the hacker just now attacked my account. Thankfully I had double verification.

Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method in which a computer user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence.

This is basically stops any unauthorized person form getting in. Rather locking your account, and notifying you. Almost any expert in the field of social media will suggest double verification. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, basically every social media now offers it.

If you know someone who may not have it, reach out and help them. Social media accounts are very vulnerable these days. Two step verification is now a necessity.

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