An indoor vaping ban is one step closer to being passed. A bill to ban all indoor vaping passed through the Iowa state senate subcommittee. The bill would add vaping to the Iowa Smokefree Air Act, which prohibits any smoking in public places, such as restaurants, bars, places of employment and some outdoor areas.

The punishment for violation of this new act would subject offenders to a $50 dollar fine. While the subcommittee has approved this new bill, it still has quite a far way to go before it becomes a law. It must now go through a committee and the full senate before moving to the house.

Groups like the Iowa Nurses Association and Iowa Medical Society are in favor of the bill, while the Vapor Technology Association and other groups are against it. There are tests being done to determine whether or not second hand vapor has the same effect as second hand smoke. KCCI Des Moines has the full story.

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