Could this monster be Iowa's own version of Big Foot? Sure seems like it.

Throughout history all over the world there have been tales of beasts running around wild in the woods. However not just any beasts like bears but more like big foot or Godzilla, things that are not human. It seems like that story also exists here in Iowa with the Lockridge Monster... here's how the story goes.

In October of 1975, Herb Peiffer was driving his tractor to his turkey pens when he suddenly saw a monster near Lockridge, Iowa. What he described was a "four-legged, black-haired thing in the cornfield" according to Mysterious Universe. Herb was nit sure what exactly he saw because he was worried about people making fun of him... that is until more sightings were reported.

Lowell Adkins was the next to come forward. He discovered 10 inch tracks near remains of 4 turkeys that were slaughtered and partly eaten. Now you may think that they could be bear tracks but the problem was that in 1975, there had not been any recorded bear sightings in Iowa since 1876. Of course, this did not stop word from spreading throughout the county which caused all to stay in their homes in the dark. Another spotting occurred from Gloria Olson who reported seeing a beast that she knew wasn't a bear one night. Gloria went on to describe the beast with a "monkey's face" and "hair all over."

This story is still an infamous a mystery as big foot or the loch ness monster but my advice? Stay away from Lockridge woods at night.

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