Okay Halloweenies... we are down to our final Iowa monster for spooky season. I know, I am as depressed as you are with spooky season coming to an end. But hey, that doesn't mean there won't be even more spooky stories to come next year! So as we venture into the last Iowa Monster for 2020, make sure to take a look back at my other Iowa monsters to get your fill of scary monsters. Let's do this.

Have you ever heard of the Monster Turtle of Big Blue? No? Well, now you have! The story goes that in a thirty-four foot deep lake near Mason City, there is a huge snapping turtle that resides there. When I say huge, I mean HUGE. I mean it wouldn't be considered a monster if it were just some regular size turtle... right?

This turtle is so big that it has been reported to be seen as the size of a Volkswagen Beetle! This "monster turtle" as it is called has been seen by fishers and swimmers at the Big Blue Pond in Clear Lake State Park. However, this turtle has not only been seen but also dangerous. There have been reports from swimmers that the enormous jaws of this monster have tried to eat the swimmers. The strange thing? Clear Lake State Park officials have reported that there is no evidence that supports these claims that this monster exist.

That being said, the locals still claim this legend exists. So my advice to you? Just stay clear of swimming of fishing in this lake and you should be find.

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