With the 2020 NFL combine coming to a close, we couldn't be more excited for the upcoming season. But it isn't just the fans who are gearing up for the draft, no, the players are also pumped up. No one, however, should be as excited as our very own Tristan Wirfs from the Hawkeyes.

To say that Wirfs dominated the combine would be an understatement. At 340 lbs, Wirfs led all offensive linemen in 40 yard dash time, as well as vertical jump. His vertical was an astonishing 36.5" which, to give some context, is higher than some pro-bowl wide receivers. His 40-yard dash was also astonishing, running a 4.85 which, as previously stated, was the highest among offensive linemen. His draft stock shot up significantly, with some experts even having him in the Top 5. SBNation has the full analysis here.

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