In case you missed it, a superstar was in Iowa over the weekend. Justin Bieber performed at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines on Sunday, April 24. Naturally, the artist and his crew have to eat, and a local sandwich shop was happy to feed them.

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According to KCCI, before Bieber took the state for his "Justice Tour," his manager called to order a ton of food for the crew. Despite the business normally being closed on Sunday, they couldn't pass up this opportunity. The business made 160 sandwiches for the singer, band, crew, and staff after the concert. As they put it, they got "Bieber Fever."

It's no surprise that the sandwich shop was chosen to provide the grub, as they have received several "Best Deli" awards over the years. In fact, the report states that that's how Justin's team found the place. A quick "best sandwich in Des Moines" search will show Manhattan Deli right a the top.

As you can imagine, the owners were delighted to take on the task. One of the owners Carey Hansen told KCCI that her daughters "could hardly contain themselves."

My husband and I were really excited, but we have four daughters who all had concert tickets — and they were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. So I don't know which part was the best: The fact that they were going to his show or the fact their mom and dad's deli made dinner for everybody." -Hansen

It's so cool to see celebrities not only come to the state but patronize local businesses while they're here too. It wasn't that long ago when Iowa-native Jason Momoa stopped by Des Moines after the Oscars to visit some of his favorite spots.

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