It wasn't long ago that Maddie Poppe sat in her digital media class at Hawkeye Community College and decided to record the song "Rainbow Connection" for her music video assignment. She was partnered with a young man by the name of Forrest Moore who happily acquiesced. They recorded the song, Maddie tried out for American Idol, and well, the rest is history.

Now, over a year later, Poppe has returned to Hawkeye Community College to film another music video an original piece called "Not Losing You". She's also asked Moore and a few other students to help her shoot it. They team scouted multiple areas around the Cedar Valley before ultimately deciding on The Grout Museum's Snowden House. The end result was a "vintage feel" video that used four separate cameras and took approximately six hours to film. The video currently has over 66,000 views and over 3,700 likes. Poppe was incredibly pleased with the end result saying " Wow, this is a lot better than I expected."

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