The coronavirus has cancelled nearly everything. Concerts, schools, music festivals, and yes even sports themselves. The NBA, MLB, NHL, and PGA tour have all suspended their games/matches for the foreseeable future. So, it would come as no surprise to anyone that NCAA sports also put on hold. With the shutdown of most universities and colleges, their sports seasons have essentially ended. This however, is unacceptable to a number of athletes throughout the nation.

On social media, athletes themselves pleaded for another shot. Former pros and olympic medalists joined the chorus. In interviews, coaches chimed in. All of which, spoke out in favor of extending another year of eligibility. A petition was created to send to the NCAA, and after just 18 hours had over 90,000 signatures, and that number is still climbing. It's gained so much traction, it even found its way as a story on ESPN. Yahoo Sports has the full story.

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