The next time you head to Target you may notice something different when you head to the checkout line.

Love them or hate them, self-checkout lanes are a big part of doing any type of shopping in 2024. Whether you're running into Target for toothpaste and deodorant or you're spending $100+ on a cart full of groceries, 9 times out of 10 you can find an open self-checkout lane available.

If I only have a few items to buy, I don't mind the self-checkout but if I have a cart full of groceries, I almost always try to find a checkout line with a real person working at it. I'd rather enjoy the human interaction and it helps having someone to help bag the groceries.

The next time you're getting ready to check out and Target, you might have to double-check how many items you have in your cart or basket.

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Checkout Lane Changes

According to the Des Moines Register, "most of the nearly 2,000 stores across the country have transitioned to 10 items or less on March 17th."

Walmart has also experimented with the self-checkout lanes and Costco is also confirming shoppers' memberships cards more regularly at the self-checkouts.

Are Target Self-Checkouts Faster?

Supposedly Target believes putting an item limit on these self-checkouts is significantly faster. According to the Des Moines Register, close to 200 Targets around the country tested express checkout lanes with a limit of 10 items and it was determined to be twice as fast.

Shoppers who were making quick stops for only a handful of items enjoy a better overall experience.

Other Target Changes

As this policy has begun in most Targets around the country, there is some good news for those shopping and ending up with more than 10 items. Target will now be opening more lanes that are staffed by Target workers.

If you're like me and appreciate someone helping you bag your groceries or enjoy the human interaction when checking out, there should be more of these options for Target shoppers. Target store leaders will also have more flexibility to open up more lanes by staffed employees.

While I understand self-checkout lanes aren't going anywhere, I wish more lanes would be opened with staffed employees by every store throughout the country. While this is unrealistic, it is most definitely the reason why Trader Joe's is the best grocery store in the state of Iowa. I wish more places took their approach when it comes to self-checkouts.

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