If you want to talk about the brightest criminals in the pack, well here is one for you.

Rachel Thornburg is a 20-year-old woman from Clinton, Iowa who called 911 on Tuesday morning to report that her car was stolen. Now, this seems like a normal thing someone would do when their car is stolen.... except, you can't report it when you are DRIVING it!

Rachel apparently lied to the 911 operator when she made the call because she was driving her car that she reported was stolen at the same time as the call.. oh, and she was in the middle of a high speed police chase at the time, no biggie right?

Apparently, a cop had clocked Rachel speeding and when the cop tried to pull her over she took off (first mistake). Well, the cops chased after her and Rachel did the next "best" thing she could think of to get them off her tail... she decided that if she reported the car stolen, the cops would think someone else was driving.

Yeah, obviously this plan did not work as the cops laid down spikes on the road which popped her tires and saw that Rachel was the driver. She ended up being charged with eluding, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, and speeding.  There's no word on whether she'll also be facing charges for filing a false report.

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