Weather you're a Raisin Bran man, or a Cocoa Puffs person, our love for cereal is a common denominator in the most important meal of the day. Well, buckle your seatbelts my friend because the next big thing in the cereal aisle is here. Hershey's has introduced a brand new cereal based on a classic candy treat, the kiss.

Say it ain't so. This cereal features chocolate kiss pieces that resemble cocoa puffs in texture. According to hershey's the cereal "has a light crunch and a smooth chocolate flavor". I have so many questions on my mind. Does it emulate the same flavor? Will the milk turn to chocolate when we're done with the cereal? How much does it cost? Well, I can answer the last one. It will be available for purchase in January and is only going for $3.99 per box. You can find twinkies and sour patch kids in cereal form already, and my personal favorite Ore-O's cereal remains supreme, but I will most definitely be buying a box come January.

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