As fall approaches so do some tough decisions that need to be made in terms of education and quarantine. Much speculation has been given towards how kids will return to school this fall amidst the pandemic. Will they be allowed to have in-person schooling? Or is it still too dangerous for all involved and will continue with online schooling? Or will there be a mixture?

Many have expressed their views on this concern but according to a new survey from YouGov, most Americans favor remote education for this coming fall. Many Americans reject the idea of full in-person school learning and would rather have a combination of online and in-person sessions to keep everyone safe during the pandemic and most Americans say that schooling should be completely online rather than a mix. According to this study, fewer than one in five schools say that they should reopen with full in-person attendance in the fall (this study was done for elementary/middle schools, high schools and colleges).

The question is though, what do Iowans think? School is approaching quickly and if we want to keep our kids safe, I personally believe online schooling full time is the best way to do that until we have a vaccine and can return to some semblance of normalcy. However, I am not an expert on this. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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