Easter is approaching fast, and all you chocolate lovers out there rejoice. This is the one time of the year to gorge yourself on as much milky sweet chocolate as you can stomach. However, for every great piece of chocolate candy, there are those that are not so good. So what're the WORST Easter candies ever made? According to Candystore.com these were the easter candies voted the grossest out there.

10). Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails

9). Jelly Beans

8). Hot Tamale Peeps

7). Twix Eggs

6). Chocolate Crosses

5). Chicks & Rabbits

4). Bunny Corn

3). Solid Chocolate Rabbits

2). Peeps

And the number 1 voted nastiest easter candy is... Cadbury Creme Eggs. Let me just say that I do not agree with this whole list, for example, I love  chocolate rabbits and twix eggs. Everything else on this list can go straight to the dumpster. What do you think? Let us know on our facebook page! @q923waterloo.

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