With Christmas only a little over a week away it's time to hit your local grocery store for the milk and cookies. And what better cookie than milk's favorite? But now there's another reason to stock up on the "double stuff".

Mondelez, the company that owns Oreo and other snack products like Wheat Thins, is challenging their customers to a social media challenge. Now through December 31st, if you post the most creative and fun way to eat Oreos you could win a prize of ten thousand dollars!

The rules are simple:1). Snap a photo of you and or your family eating Oreos in a fun creative way. 2). Post the picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag, #ShareYourJoyWithUs. Then wait to see if you've won! Spokespersons at Oreo said that the contest was inspired by a poll that asked parents what snacking with your children means to you. 87% of parents said that they felt connected with their kids when sharing a snack THEY enjoyed as a child. What a cool way to celebrate snacking. Read the full story from Today here.

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