Well cheers! It's now after New Years. 2019 has begun! A recent study done by WalletHub found only about 10% of people who make a New Year's resolution actually stick with it for a full year. Everyone else eventually buckles, right! Seems that way. But apparently your chances can vary depending on where you live . . .

Their new study took 182 U.S. cities, and ranked them according to how easy it is for people who live there to stick to their resolution.

They looked at stats for five different types of resolutions that have to do with health, money, jobs, bad habits, and relationships.  For example, they looked up how many gyms and health food stores there are to rank each city for the health category.

The best city OVERALL for sticking with any type of resolution is San Francisco, California. Scottsdale, Arizona and Seattle, Washington were the top 3.

So how did Iowa do? In the top 182, we had TWO cities make this list!

  • Cedar Rapids - #67
  • Des Monies #77

Cedar Rapids was the 7th best city overall for keeping financial resolutions, and Des Monies was 25th overall in 'Bad Habit' resolutions. Meaning, there's less of a chance you'll fall into bad habits... I guess?


See the full list, and exactly how they came up with our two Iowa cities (and every other cities) rankings.

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