According to a study from the Daily Mail, the average health kick only lasts three weeks and four days. So if you made a New Year's resolution to get in shape, that's January 26th if you're keeping score. Good luck! After that, you'll be back to eating three sleeves of Oreos a day (meeee).

According to the study, here are the ten things that are most likely to kill your New Year's diet for 2019. Maybe just seeing them will help you stay away? Worth a shot. Here we go:

1.  Going on vacation.

2.  Being tempted by chocolate.

3.  Being lazy on Friday night and ordering food.

4.  Going out to eat with friends.

5.  Weekends in general, because you're more likely to cut loose.

6.  Going to a bar.

7.  Having a drink after a long day.

8.  Being tempted by cookies.

9.  The lure of your refrigerator.

10.  Going to a restaurant with a buffet.

What can you do to avoid some of these temptations? Tape your mouth shut. DONE!

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