Casey's is making a huge expansion in a couple of other states to the east of its home state, Iowa. The company will acquire more than 60 stores between two states that border each other.

Those living in these two states already have Casey's locations in other communities, but Casey's will be making an even larger footprint as they expand further out past the Midwest region.

Casey's General Store front

If you plan on visiting the states of Kentucky or Tennessee after later this year and have a craving for Casey's breakfast pizza, you'll be able to find Casey's pretty close to where you are.

Casey's Named The Top Convenience Store Brand In Iowa

While the study is from 2017, I couldn't find an updated list so we're going with it. GasBuddy named Casey's the top convenience store brand in Iowa. It makes sense since the first Casey's was opened up in 1968 in Boone, IA. It's now headquartered in Ankeny.


Back in July, Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip, or as we know it in Iowa and Illinois as Kwik Star, was named the best gas station in America by USA Today.

Iowa-Based Casey's Expanding To The East

Casey’s General Stores, Inc. which rebranded to Casey's in 2020, announced on Tuesday that they have reached an agreement to acquire 63 convenience stores from EG America, a subsidiary of EG Group.

Casey's General Store via Twitter
Casey's General Store via Twitter

The stores are located in Kentucky and Tennessee and currently operate under the names of Minit Mart and Certified Oil banners.

Casey’s and EG America, two of the leading convenience store chains in the U.S., anticipate the deal will close later this year, subject to customary regulatory approvals. Casey’s is expected to retain the impacted employees at each store, and EG America is cooperating to make their transition as seamless as possible.

Darren Rebelez, President and Chief Executive Officer at Casey’s, said in Tuesday's press release,

“One of the key pillars in our strategic plan is to accelerate our store growth over the next three years and bring Casey’s to more communities. This opportunity is an excellent strategic fit as we look to add locations in Kentucky and Tennessee, which are both within our existing distribution footprint. We look forward to serving more guests in these markets and welcoming the team members from this transaction into the Casey’s family.”

Nick Unkovic, President of EG America, said they have built a strong and successful business over the years in these Certified Oil and Minit Mart stores. They are proud of the hard work and dedication shown by their team members there. Unkovic added this about Casey's,

"Casey’s is an excellent operator, and we believe these stores and team members will continue to thrive under their ownership.”

Pretty cool to see in Iowa company growing across the U.S.

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