It's a scary and exciting time, buying your first house. Mortgages become real, maintancene around the house becomes your responsibility and lets not forget plumbing, electric bills, water and sewage disposal. In the end however, you get a place that is yours (well technically the governments until you pay it off). With that being said, owning a home is a tricky thing to decide, especially when deciding where it's going to be. Wallethub released a list of the best cities for first time home buyers.

The best cities in Iowa for first time home buyers are Des Moines and Cedar Rapids which rank 77th and 78th respectively. Also on the list was Davenport, but that fell to a much lower 169th. At the top of the list, ranked #1 was Tampa Florida, and rounding out the 300th spot was Berkeley California. So, overall, Iowa isn't too bad of an area to buy your first home in, especially when the factors are 27 key indicators of market attractiveness, affordability and quality of life. For the full map click here.

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