Robin Hood is a classic tale. A man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. The question asked at the end of the story is this, "Do the ends justify the means"? And in the case of Chicken McNuggets, the answer is overwhelmingly, yes. A former McDonald's employee named Cody Bondarchuck holds such a title. He admitted via twitter, that during his tenure with the fast food chain, he would consistently put in an extra Mcnugget in every ten-piece. So consistent in fact, that he did it in every single order for two years. He told his local TV station that he believes that when his customers went home, they'd open their container and "smile a little bit".

Unfortunately, this magnanimous McNugget man isn't from Iowa. His home is claimed in Edmonton, Canada. It's a shame really, our little Hawkeye state could have benefited greatly from this type of man. A hero that we didn't want, but that we needed. Read the full story here.

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