Even though many of us had to pass the "States test" In elementary and middle school, most Americans can no longer name all 50 states. I for one can only do it while looking at a map.

A study from Chicago CBS showed that on a 10 minute quiz taken by over 12 million Americans, only a total of 45 percent of them were able to get all 50 named.

Another 25 percent were able to name between 45-49 states, so it was close, but still shocking to hear, until you try to name all 50 states.

Even sitting here trying to do it off the top my head has me stuck after the first 30. It truly is a bit harder than one might think.

Only about 20% of Americans can name all 50 states without a map.

This test was done while looking at a map, and the three most missed states were Missouri, Indiana, and Iowa. While Illinois only stumped 13% of the players and ranked 29th.

You can play take the quiz here. Good luck!

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