It's graduation time! However, it doesn't really feel like it this year, does it? With the COVID-19 pandemic, many normal graduations for high school seniors and college seniors have either been postponed or cancelled. Seniors are still graduating however they don't get the normal experience of a graduation ceremony, walking across the stage to receive their diploma or even parties to celebrate their achievements. Although times are change and scary, that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate our graduates.

It's time to get creative! Zoom calls, parades, signs, tributes.... these are all ideas as to how to celebrate your graduates and their big life accomplishments! Although it may be difficult to celebrate the graduates, it is not impossible so let's get creative to help celebrate graduates huge life accomplishments!

1. Zoom Graduation: Either the schools or your families gather on zoom and the graduate wears their cap and gown to walk across their living room, lawn or down the house stairs to have their honor recognized and party after on zoom.

2. Lawn photos: Dress up in your cap and gown and then put your college logo somewhere in your yard and have a mini photo shoot!

3. Paint your car: Use car paint to write your graduate name on your car and then go for a drive around town so people can honk when they see and celebrate with you.

4. Tribute Video: If you know a graduate, make a tribute video of all of their accomplishments up until graduation and then share it on social media to show how proud you are of them.

5. Paint your yard with support and spirit: Put up signs, balloons, photos, streamers.... anything to show how proud you are to be a graduate or of your graduate.

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