Happy 2020! Now we're thrown into the icy month of January. Unfortunately, January is synonymous with flu season and chances are if you have a little one (or ones) they have contracted some nasty version of this. Although the best way to prevent the flu is a flu shot, it doesn't guarantee anything. So, when your little tyke comes down with whatever he/she has it's best to be prepared to nurse them back to functionality. With that said here are 5 home remedies to ease their cold.

1). Get Steamy- Turn your bathroom into a steam house. Bring your child into the bathroom and turn on the shower to the highest it can go, close the doors and just sit in a room full of steam for 15 minutes when they wake up, and before they go to bed. It'll help relieve congestion.

2). Use a humidifier- As your child sleeps a humidifier will help keep their nasal passages clear, a dry room causes congestion.

3). Use honey- Believe it or not honey is recommended highly to cure coughs, the thickness of it soothes sore throats.

4). Chest Rub- This one is pretty commonly known but it's a good one. Vicks vapor rub on the chest or the bottom of the feet will help cure a bad cough.

5). STAY HYDRATED- The body cannot function without proper hydration in any circumstance, so when your sick it's even more imperative to drink water or gatorade to replenish electrolytes.

These tips are not a panacea for the common cold. That's just a waiting game. But these things can help aid colds and coughs  just long enough so the little ones don't complain.

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