American Idol's 2018 winner and hometown pop superstar Maddie Poppe was back in Northeast Iowa on Monday to shoot a new, live music video for a song on her upcoming album.

The 21-year-old Clarksville native used the Grout Museum District’s Snowden House just outside downtown Waterloo. She used the house and its baby grand piano as the backdrop for shooting a live music video for 'Not Losing You,' from her upcoming album 'Whirlwind,' which drops May 17.

Unsure if her record label, Hollywood Records, would pay to produce a video for 'Not Losing You', Maddie decided to shoot one herself 'to put up on the internet,' and scouted locations in and around the Cedar Valley.

Originally Poppe says she wanted a theater, and 'we just couldn’t find one that was perfect, we wanted like a vintage look... then someone had mentioned this house and said that they have a piano and stuff, and I was like, ‘That sounds perfect to me.’

(SOURCE: The Courier)

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