Do you wake up and make your bed every morning? Or... do you skip it because what's the point? That's me by the way. Well, a new poll looked at the differences between bed makers and non-bed makers. It looks like I might have to switch teams, check it out:

1. Bed-makers have more sex. About three times a week on average, compared to twice a week for people who don't make their bed every day. Whaaa?!

2. Bed-makers have more friends. They were more likely to say they have three or more close friends. I find this odd since how often do you even talk about such things with friends?

3. Bed-makers are more likely to say they're a 'morning person,' and less likely to hit the snooze button. On average, they wake up 16 minutes earlier.

4. People who make their bed tend to describe themselves as adventurous, confident, sociable, and high-maintenance. People who don't make their bed are more likely to say they're shy, moody, curious, and sarcastic. So there you go. Brag if you make your bed all you want, but us NON bed makers have an extra 25 seconds to use in our day. Suckers... 😉

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