This one always stumped me. Usually, the last week before school started I'd always get a serious case of FOMO. (Fear of missing out) and would mostly spend my last days as a free man lounging around the house moaning and groaning about the things I should've been doing. My goal is to help you, try to make the best of your fleeting days before you have to head back to your institution and....learn. Here are some tips and tricks to having your last few days of fun!

1). Use social media to your advantage!- Use your apps to get people together for a day of fun, or to coordinate a day of relaxing.

2). Start the day early- Most days feel wasted when you sleep in too late, start off the day an hour or two earlier than normal.

3). Visit your favorite hot-spots- Nothing is more fun than hitting your favorite places in town, by doing the things you like locally you feel more at peace with your day as a whole.

Don't let school drag you down, you've got one more week of summer left! Use it wisely.

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