A Michigan man purchasing an ottoman from a second-hand thrift shop might not be "Headliner News" but when you find out what he found, it most definitely will. Howard Kirby a resident of Owasso, ninety miles northwest of Detroit, always complained that his ottoman felt very uncomfortable.

"The foot cushion always seemed kind of hard" he told MLive.com. He had his daughter-in-law open up the piece of furniture to get to the root of the weird stuffing. What they found astonished them. Inside was a box that contained just over $43,000 in cash. His first reaction was that he had just struck gold, he even contacted a lawyer who advised him that it was his legal right to hold on to the cash. However, his faith moved him into a different direction. Kirby contacted Habitat for Humanity ReStore and tracked down the woman who donated the item. She said the furniture originally belonged to her grandfather, who had recently died.

Kirby gave back every single penny. Read the full story here.

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