Meghan Trainor will not be having sex during her pregnancy.

On Monday (November 16), the "Nice To Meet Ya" singer spoke with The Today Show to give fans an update on her pregnancy.

According to the pop star, there's a good reason why she will be refraining from intercourse with her husband, Daryl Sabara. "Maybe this is weird, but mentally I can't have sex while our son is in between us," Trainor told the outlet. "All my pregnancy apps say it feels really good. But all I can think about is that there's a little boy in my belly."

Trainor and Sabara's relationship hasn't been better and they're excited to welcome their bundle of joy into the world. “Our relationship really messes with my girlfriends’ minds. They’re all like, ‘How the hell am I going to find a Daryl?’” she laughed. “He’s so good. He’s unbelievable.”

Sabara has been making grocery store runs for cravings that Trainor has been experiencing. “If I said, ‘I want Fritos,’ he’d be like, ‘Yes, ma’am! Right away!’” Trainor said.

The couple is six-months pregnant with their first child. They are expecting a baby boy and have chosen a unisex name for him that they have not yet revealed.

"We're so excited we couldn't sleep," Trainor said when making the pregnancy announcement. "We were thinking about who do I tell first, and I was like, I told Hoda [Kotb] since I was nineteen going to The Today Show [that] I will have the most babies in the world. It finally happened and we're so excited."

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