Cinemas in Cedar Falls & Waterloo will showcase a movie later this year featuring area actors and landmarks.

Bros. was written and directed by Oelwein native and local comedian Don Tjernagel. Production began in May, and Tjernagel told The Courier that he insisted on shooting the movie here:

You’ve got so many points to shoot, you have parking ramps downtown where these guys can get high shots ... The bars in town are really cool-looking. ... I think the actresses and actors look just as good as anyone in a Hollywood movie.

The movie, shot with local cast and crew, will premiere November 8th at Marcus Theatres Crossroads in Waterloo. Brown Bottle, Newton’s Cafe and Bryan’s on Fourth are just a few local establishments used in the film.

Bros. follows actors Tanner Bollinger and Matt Lee Ingebritson, both currently of Waterloo, through trials and tribulations of two young men in their late 20s.

In addition to its premiere in Waterloo, Bros. will also be screened November 9th at Wehrenberg Galaxy 16 Cine in Cedar Rapids, as well as November 13th at College Square Cinema in Cedar Falls. Find out more info at

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