It isn't a secret that when I was just a little kid, I spent a good chunk of my life in the great state of Iowa.  Almost half of my life to be exact.  Between riding my bike outside all day, going to a chickenpox party as a kid, singing at backyard Bible camps, riding a bean bar, and going to the Iowa State Fair, a few other memories that are a bit more "Hollywood" stand out for me.

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The Movies Hollywood Made That Helped Put Iowa On The Map

When I was a kid, a few movies came out in the theatre that made us Iowa-born locals proud.  Why?  The famous actors and film crews chose our corn-filled soil as the backdrop.  One of the film locations was a spot where I spent several years!  Before I tell you which one, see if you can figure out the movie from the list below.

LOOK: Which movies were filmed in Iowa?

Stacker compiled a list of movies filmed in Iowa using data from Movie Locations, with additional information about each film collected from IMDb.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

The Movie Filmed in Iowa Near My Hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa Was...

Way back when we didn't have cell phones or computers, I was born in the central town of Des Moines, Iowa.  My parents at that point lived in a very small town called Earlham and thanks to some speeding action by my dad, my mom delivered me in a hospital.  At some point, we moved to the metropolis called Fort Dodge.  And yes, there is actually a fort there.  There is also a very large man at that fort that is laying down that always creeped me out.  I couldn't stay in that room long enough to figure out why.

When Twister and Field of Dreams were being made in Iowa, EVERYONE was talking about it!  And one of my favorite trips as a family that I'll never forget is seeing the baseball field that was created for Field of Dreams.  Below are a few of the movie spots in Iowa that I've had a chance to see.

  • Top star on the left is Fort Dodge, Iowa - my hometown.
  • South of that is Ames, Iowa.
  • Keep going South and you see another yellow star.  Near that star are a bunch of covered bridges.  (You can probably guess what movie those are from.)
  • Way over to the Right is a house in a cornfield near Dyersville, Iowa.

If you just worked that little word problem, you have figured out that the college I graduated from was near the spot where a scene of Twister was filmed.

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All of the Iowa Locations Where Twister Was Filmed

According to, here are all of the Iowa towns where the movie crews showed up fo film Twister.

  • Ames, Iowa (final scene with the F5)
  • Boone, Iowa
  • Eldora, Iowa
  • Rippey, Iowa
  • Whitten, Iowa

Huge list of movies that were made in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for having a whole bunch of mosquitos, a giant list of lakes, and of course Mayo Clinic. We've also had quite a few moments on the big screen! According to, see where film crews have been for a huge list of movies made in Minnesota.

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