The suffering really comes out of pure annoyance.

There are many things that are annoying but one of the things that has to rank high on a person's list is "Phantom Vibration Syndrome". This is where you are out and about or sitting at home and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket against your leg and then when you pull your phone out to see what that notification was, you realize that there was no notification.

There are so many confusing questions... did someone figure out how to un-text? Did someone call and hung up before the caller ID figured out who it was? Did someone accidentally swipe right on Tinder, match, then delete the match in nanoseconds?

The cause is unknown but the symptoms start arising after a month of cellphone use. It feels like a desperate need that you would react that someone getting in touch with you that your leg feels a fake vibration. To reduce the sensation of feeling that phony vibration and then checking your phone to see that there's no notification, lay the phone out of your pants/purse, change the ringtone and obviously you can turn off the vibration.

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